At ACK Materials Handling we believe that professionalism, flexibility, good services, excellence of product and care about the environment in all its forms are the keys to lasting success. The directors of the company are therefore committed to the continual improvement of both the environmental and quality management systems.

The company will:

1. Comply as a minimum, with all legislation and regulations governing both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

2. Set measurable objectives to provide for reductions in pollutant emissions to atmosphere and other improvements in environmental performance

3. Encourage its suppliers to adopt sound environmental and quality management systems and practices

4. Design any new products to minimise adverse environmental effects in production, use and disposal

5. Seek to understand and meet the concerns of both customers and the local community

To ensure that these policy commitments are met the company will furthermore:

1. Implement and maintain formal environmental and quality management systems in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001 (1996) and BS EN ISO 9001 (2000)

2. Train all its employees to understand this policy and minimise the environmental impact of their individual activities

3. Review the policy and objectives annually

4. Make the policy available to the public and other interested parties and inform them of progress on objectives by the periodic issue of an environmental statement.



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